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This is so great! I think China will capture this spirit pretty soon.

About 1,000 monks and experts on Buddhism from more than 30 countries will attend next month's forum in the scenic city of Hangzhou. The theme of the forum -- "a harmonious world begins in the mind" -- expounds on President Hu Jintao's campaign to build a "harmonious society" in the face of rising unrest at home.

Knowing that China has grand history and heritage in Buddhism, especially the Chan sect. This onset of the Buddhist event initiated from the Chinese government is a positive sign that in the very near future, China will flourish in Buddhism again due to social unrest brought about by rapid economic prosperity. It has happened in Taiwan and China will follow suit just like it did in the economical and political arena.

Imaging the biggest country in the world will someday become a Buddhist country again!

"Who clears the grounding berg,
And guides the grinding floe?
He hears the cry of the little kit fox,
And the lemming on the snow."

Who levels the rising path,
And shepards as they go?
He feels the poor little ones,
And subdues the need to grow.

i wish more westerners could experience dharma assemblies, but i think they have to have a very open mind. a lot of westerners complain that things aren't in english, but it is okay to ask someone if you want to know what a word means, but most of the drba chanting is translated. The only two assembleies i did that were mostly untranslated were the 10k bowing and the emperor liang bowing. but i just asked the nuns at cdr what a certain part of the emperor liang meant and they did a REALLY good job of teaching it. And I was so happy I asked because it was so beautiful.
even understanding a new chinese word in it really helped me understand the buddha more... well maybe i dunno if i understand anything realli um... ok.. lol
they are wonderful because you use your whole self, your ears, your mouth, your breathing and your body. i can't get enough of it. but now i just work all the time and i didn't attend the last one at cttb.

if china became open to the buddha dharma again that would also be really wonderful.

because so many people live there, and it is really not to be taken lightly at all. if more people in the world have a good heart then that would be great.


oooh i love the tent cause it is pink.... i am so upside down made by the pink-ness oooooooo
we should get a pink tent at cttb!!!
i know i am stoopid but you gotta luv it

omg i forgot my horoscope said not to say anything stupid today... my bad

this morning i was false thinking that it would be cool if the prisoners who took refuge could each have a pen pal from drby or something. i think prison is lonely and sad.

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