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The tunes are amazing! They are fresh and gives Buddhist music a new groove! Keep it coming!

i like the comments too
huei... what do you mean by killing devotion?

White lion in a cage.
Where is master?
Light shining with the sound,
Now play it faster.

Worship and respect all.
Make a big roar.
So all beings can hear.
There is nothing more.

Praise for all the Buddhas.
Teach and transform.
Positive message,
Wonderful and warm.

Extensive offering,
Both big and small.
Better to give Dharma,
Fearlessness for all.

Repent the past, now reform.
Again - never.
Worshiping every day,
Lift the weight for ever.

Glad for others' merit,
Work we can share.
Hear their wise ideas.
Listen intently - care.

One important request,
Ask for the Way.
Smelting waste into gold,
Smell the fresh cut hay.

Buddha, stay in this world,
Foam on the sea.
Mountains just like the clouds,

Always study with them.
They are Buddha.
Wisdom endless and vast,
Wingspan Garuda.

Dedicate all merit.
Virtue goes too.
All can be happy,
And this includes you.

Wow..i have only recently downloaded the music files..they're really fresh and inspiring!! Have been waiting for such Buddhist music for a long time! Really looking forward to the album!! =)

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