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great pics! sounds like a great conference ...

Who measures faults in self and others?

"The mental activities of living beings might be counted,
And might the number of atoms in a land;
The extent of space might be assessed,
But the virtues of the will for enlightenment cannot be measured:
It produces all the Buddhas of all times,
And perfects happiness in all worlds.
Increases all excellent virtues,
Extirpates all confusion,
Reveals all wondrous realms,
Eliminates all obstacles,
Develops all pure lands,
Produces all enlightened knowledge.
If you want to see all the Buddhas of the ten directions,
And want to disburse from the inexhaustible treasurey of virtue,
If you want to extinguish the afflictions of beings,
Quickly arouse the will for enlightenment."

Who utilizes skillful advantages?

"When great enlightening beings give precious chariots to good teachers such as enlightening beings, they dedicate the roots of goodness."

Hi! I attended the Global conference in Perth. Great site! I was giving a sharing during youth session today , and i quoted your story about "Buddha being the peace guy". :) put a smile on everyone's face.

im looking for monastery in sri lanka,,,,can you help me?!

im looking for monastery in sri lanka,,,,can you help me?!

Hello i hope you don't mind but i came across your site whilst searching for information on a therevada nun. PLeas ecan you help me and tell me what it was like in a therevada monastery please? Thankyou so much it would be greatly appreciated.

Are there any Theravada Monasteries in Taiwan?

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