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the picture of the monk in front of the altar is my favorite one
will u record flaky girl someday?

well... i don't think a guy could sing flaky girl... and i don't think there's such a thing as a flaky GUY.

The Happy Monk

The sash, the guitar, the Monk
All sing along

Bliss with lyric of the way
Adorn the path with Dharma song

Come and walk along
Monk’s smile have waited long

With three steps one bow he paved the way
Now we could join and sing along

With gratitude I bow along
Bitter sweet fills my joints

I enjoy visiting Dhamma_forest often.
I noticed the smile:) in smiles.

hurrah! looking forward to hearing the finished product. :)

Steely eyed with a poker face.
How did you get three pairs?
Only five cards were dealt.
Didn't cheat, played fair.

(patience, vigor)

Winchester 45 under the table,
Loaded and cocked.
Cheating varmint in a stable.
I'll cut your arm off.

Why should you think about them in pairs?
Forests of fearlessness,
Endless worlds on hairs.

"If any in the present
Can believe this teaching of Buddha,
They will also become Buddhas
And expound the teaching fearlessly.

This teaching is hard to encounter
Even in countless eons:
If any get to hear it,
Know it is the power of past vows.

If any can accept and hold
Such teachings of Buddha,
And, upholding them, spread them too,
They will become Buddhas.

How much the more so those who work diligently,
Firm of mind, not giving up:
You should know such people
Will certainly attain enlightenment."

(Shambala, C.1984, T.Cleary, Hua-Yen, pg.446)

Smoe great Karma there. You must have done something right to have such wonderful experience.

Can't wait to hear the music. Thanks everyone involved. What a blessing!

Just can't wait for the album to be out! Am really looking forward to the music =) hopefully the album will reach the centres in Malaysia when its ready...^_^

I was surfing around on the youtube site of people putting up their songs and came upon a how to play instructional video, then it dawn on me. Master Heng Sure do you think someday you can put up an instruction video in how to play “Dedication of merit”.

I’m sure there are others who would also like to learn to play this song.

I am from Malaysia and frankly,I find that there are lack of buddhism songs composed in english over here..it will be beneficial to those who does not understand mandarin. Thank you Shi Fu and team for making this effort. Namo Amituofo

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