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HuFa - He was very pure and I know he was no ordinary peacock <3
I miss him, but I know we will all cultivate the bodhisattva practices together in lifetimes to come, like in that song during the long life ceremony in front of the Medicine Buddha. Amitabha

The proper way to use the mind
Is like the proper way to wood cut.
Look for trees with efficient find.
Cut small limbs, keep dry and such.

Protect your limbs with kevlar.
Protect your eyes with safety glasses.
Protect your ears with mylar.
Protect your hands with gloves.

A chain saw has an important two.
Gas and bar oil in equal amount.
Oh yes, wear a heavy shoe.
Sharpen equally, and on count.

Before starting, disengage.
Switch the lever to choke.
Pull and push away.
Watch out for dangerous smoke.

Pile logs above the ground.
Never let the chain hit the dirt.
Your logs will copiously abound.
With a loose chain, never flirt.

Stop when you get a tired body.
This is when mistakes happen.
Know about enough bounty.
Disengage, retreat to sharpen.

Learn how to use the mind well.
Visit some friends in Hell.

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