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May you enjoy your trip. Have a great journal too!

ARDENTLY waiting for more interesting stories!

I am really sorry you are having a hard time. Things are really hard in the US too. I am kind of sad. I don't know if I want to go to evening recitation tonight. This is serious. But I think I will go because in my heart I think I should. And I love the dharma very much. My temper is flaring though because I am not getting enough sleep. But people aren't helping either, cuz they are just really mean. Maybe it's a sign you should try to save one country at a time. Your own.


please don't be so down, People are nice everywhere, I don't see the problem. Try loving kindness meditation and do it everyday it work wonders! it has worked since Buddha's time for millions and buddhists all over the world are still doing it. it has even been proven by scientist that it works.

Hi I am sorry about the confusion at Sydney Airport (Australia's busiest airport). I hope the rest of your stay in Australia was OK.

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