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I'm partly to be blamed for accumulating many cheap products from China rather than buying expensive imported products from developed countries which have strict regulatory protection against the environment..

but hey, that's what other people are doing and i can't take a loss! i can't be separated from my money and if i pay more than what others are paying, hell hath no fury!!!...

i want my meat even though others will have to go hungry and caused the polar ice cap to disappear...

but alas, like an ancient proverb that says - One would only being to cry when one sees the person's own coffin.

Such is the strong wind of greed & self importance that can only be reversed upon setting in of a serious calamity that snap the people from their slumber which is still not too late by then but at very heavy price, thousands times much more that what we had paid for if we had take the loss in the 1st place...just my 2 cents...

Just as I finished reading this article, my mother got home and told me I couldn't use the car. All personal transportation has been restricted in Santiago for the extremely high level of pollution in the air. Because Santiago is surrounded by mountains, thick air pollution has nowhere to go and just sits there....makes me want to flee to the mountains!

sorry to hear what is happening in Santiago.. on my part, my country capital Kuala Lumpur had a few years ago experienced serious haze problems due to slash & burn practice undertaken by large big plantations companies and small scale farmers in a neighbouring country and hence, i understand what the people in Santiago are facing...

try to get some good quality face masks of N95 type & home air purifiers and pray & meditate diligently with the hope some changes in the weather and people's attitude will finally remove the pollutants away..

take care Bro...

The US house has just drafted a bill to combat climate change. President Bush says he will veto the bill because it is too expensive. The US has spent trillions of dollars on Bush's war, yet now when the house attempts to move toward meaningful climate legislation, Bush becomes a frugal miser.

haaa…this is the same case every where in the world – leaders, elected representatives, councilors, CEO’s, etc. will not think twice on spending money on projects & contracts that benefit themselves or parties/companies but when comes to investing money in environmental protection – whoops sorry, to ‘exorbitantly’ expensive aka if-i-don’t-get-any-take-in-this-i-would-rather-let-the-people-suffer.

virtuous people of ancient days do really take care of the earth so as not to harm it but in these modern times, their numbers are sadly a pale figure of the past…

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