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I always want to take part but I live so far away. Nonetheless, I wish this kind of talk can be a greater force. I just came back from Norway and Scandanavians take great pride in ecological products - ecological butter, ecological beer etc (not that I drank any of it!) But the point is buddhist concepts is still not mainstream. Will it ever be? The mainstream concepts are about freedom struggles - truthfully (no offence to anyone), the Buddha is not a freedom fighter. The only person you have to tame, to defeat, to overpower and overcome is yourself. Subduing yourself is what the sutras term a great hero. But how many people really follow that? How many people really understand that Buddhism is about the taming of self - joyful enlightened renunciation. And Buddhism is not about waiting to die and go to Amitabha's Land. Neither is it about social activism. It is about enlightened understanding and action. How does that translate into daily life? I wish someone can tell me what I can do for this world.

If you get the chance, please post the next Teance event. Thanks.

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