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I thought this was interesting and applicable to my life. Often I feel a lack in wisdom on whether if I should help someone out. I can be really focused with my life and my school work that I care less about taking care of my family or the peers in school who can use my support. Perhaps I'll use more wisdom on deciding if I should be more selfless.

maybe he was a beggar but you still learned something! and maybe the beggar learned something too?
dang, i dunno that is really hard, anybody has the bodhisattva inside of them, even if they're really creeepie
the other day i was at the temple for amitabha session and it was break time, so all the other people were milling about chatting, so i went to sit down in the welcoming area, the nun was sitting behind the desk working and i was just sitting there holding onto a zafu from a tailor in bodhigaya and thinking "dang, bodhigaya!" The doorbell for the gate rings and I didn't want the poor nun to have to get up cause she was typing away at something, so I said I would get the gate, but it was a guy and so when we went to let him in he was kind of scary looking, so I was like... ooooo... so I kind of stood in between them and looked at his messy hair. But then he said he wanted to give to the tsunami relief fund, so we went back in the office, and when she asked his name for the receipt he said his real name was willie, but he was in too much trouble in the past, so she could just call him steve or something.
then he looked at the pictures on the walls and left, i thought that maybe i should have asked him to go into the session, but then she didn't say anything so i just sat there quietly thinking he was pretty nice and that my false thinking had been pretty mean to think he was a scary looking guy. but then later i thought maybe he was a bodhisattva but i guess i'll never know.
and then one time back in illinois i went to the convenience store to get some groceries because the grocery store was way far to walk, and a lady came in behind me and she bought a beer and some cigarettes and then offered to help me carry the stuff outside. I had my little puppy outside waiting for me and i was worried that if i took too long to get outside that my dog would get lonely and start crying. so I said ok. She was not going to let me say no. So I went and I took my little folding cart bag with wheels on it out of my handbag and was putting the groceries in it and then untying my puppy dog, and she says, "Can you give me a ride to my house close to the school?" and I said, "I am sorry, I don't have a car." I just thought it was weird cause it was kind of obvious I was walking my dog and buying groceries with my little wheelie grocery bag thingy. But later I thought maybe she was a bodhisattva too because i felt tested bacause she was buying beer and ciggies and i was like feeling major aversion and just wanting to get away from her. so i think i like needed that story cause i am always wondering if the person that irritated me was a bodhisattva or just a really irritating person like yours truly. ooo amitabha

I had some more thoughts about this as I was driving today. They are sort of scattered, so I will use bullet-points to organize my writing:
* Isn't it possible that this person is neither a beggar or Bodhisattva? Could he have been someone in between? I don't know.
* The fact that years after the incident, this person is mentioned, people are reading and making comments about the person seems to indicate to me that he is not just a mere beggar. If he was just a insiginificant beggar, this blogg entry would not appear, and I would not be writing this comment. I have the sense that he was something more, whatever that something more may be. In other words, the logic here is that by examining the subsequent effects it can help us understand the origianl cause.
*Or maybe all this entry and commeting on the person resulted from false thinking and is preventing us from cultivating.
*But then if I start cultivating deeply now because I feel that that was all false thinking, then wouldn't that person had been significant because he indirectly encouraged me to cultivate?

Anyway, nevermind, at some point my thoughts are just too random, but I had fun going through this thinking exercise.

hi jk5177,

False thinking about cultivating is like using the false to get to what isn't false or um something like that, i dunno. But then if you just think about cultivating or talk about it but don't do it then it's just false thinking and stuff or something. I dunno.
But that is some cool false thinkin' tho, foe sheezeyy

what a blessing to be shown a portal into the bodhisattva path and how your mind prevented you from entering fully. now you will understand the difference when you enter from non-duality. bodhisattva, beggar, it will make no difference. the question i hear you asking is whether you yourself are a bodhisattva or a beggar. can anyone else answer that question for you? to whom does the question matter? just some thoughts blowing through my mind. thank you for sharing this experience.

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