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What a load? Anyone naive enough to buy this racist propaganda should be ashamed of themselves. These protestors are only interested in money.

If they were true enviromentalists they wouldn't be driving cars, eating burgers or wearing leather. These people are perpetuating this prejudice against Canada's aboriginal people. Haven't we destroyed enough of their culture?

Why are these bigots so hell bent on ethnically cleansing the aboriginal peoples of Canada.

Beware...these people are no better than Hitler.

There's over 6 million seals off our coast so anyone who says they are endangered, are LYING!

Just like they lie when they use pictures of whitecoats. Those animals are no longer hunted. But if these images will seperate you easily from your money, these greedy eco-terrorists will do it. Don't listen to these extremists!

Give your money to the poor...or to stop global warming...which is obviously the greatest danger facing the world. These eco-loonies are awash in cash and always will be due to ignorance and greed.

But if you decide to boycott Canadian products because of the seal fishery, than make sure you park your SUV while you're at it!

To the World:
I wish I could join the hunt. It's great fun! We're gonna kill hundreds of thousands of these little fat bags and there's nothing you can do to stop us! Even if the hunt was made illegal, we would still hunt them! GIVE UP!

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA....squealllll...oh...there goes another!

The more noise you make, the more seals we'll club!


Hey Beckie SORENSEN! (Aldworth yeahhhh!) IS THAT YOU???
I remember you. I saw you having a VERY GOOD time at Bounders in the 80's. Then ya ran to Spain away from all this slush. And NOW you are on the ice pans! Phone the radio shows here will ya - we want to chat with ya


We challenge all the anti-sealers to publically disclose how much their organizations make off this deceptive advertising campaign and how much they each make personally. This would point to the true story behind the seal hunt protests...a story of avarice, deception and piles of money!

They use the harp seal as the main focus in all their campaigns, yet the whitecoats have not been hunted for over a decade. Why? Simply because it looks cute and fools you into thinking that this savage little carnivore should be saved. If the seal herd is allowed to expand to reckless numbers, the result will be seals coming ashore even more and spreading their viruses and diseases into the North American food chain. MMMMM....codworm sounds delicious doesn't it? Well, stop the hunt and your food will eventually suffer the most catastrophic of fates.

Moola. That's what's behind this whole hallucination. Why do you think Greenpeace gave up? They realized the error of their ways and went on to fighting causes that truly will make a difference. What good are seals if your car is polluting the world in a way that will render it ravaged and stinking for our children.

Fight global warming! Wear FUR! And viva la seal hunt!!!!!

Countdown to Slaughter is a pack of lies!

How about these groups attack..oh...the American, Russian, Norwegian or Icelandic hunts?
Because these countries don't let them near their hunts.

Anyone protesting the hunt from any of these countries is a hypocrite!

It's great that the pro-hunt people have posted their messages for the world to see. They have provided fine exmaples of what ignorance and an uncompassionate way of thought produces. Their parents must be so proud of them. Clearly they are of lower education and social standing.

They think wearing fur shows status. Interesting they would think that since primitve man wore fur. Well educated, and contributing members of society don't need to promote savagery to prove their worth.

But, we must have people like them among us. It gives the upstanding members of society someone to look down upon. Someone to use as an example when we tell our children about the cretins on society. Yes, they serve as a warning for the good people of the world. And when we have a bad day, and are feeling depressed, we can almways look down at their pathetic existence and think to ourselves, at least I'm not one of them.

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