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Great article! Not so sure about the premise he starts with, but definitely got to know some things I didn't know ... And always inspiring to read about the pilgrimage!

that's an awesome interview! Nice to see it appearing in SF Chronicle. It will reach a lot of interested readers who will be interested/curious about BBM/Buddhism/you now! I enjoyed reading the first half and I can't wait for the second half! :o) how did he end up finding you for his assignment?

Hello Heng Sure,
Nice to see this feature in the SF Gate online -- looking forward to part 2!

Hope all is well at the Monastery -- I am planning to swing by tomorrow (Tuesday) after work and stay for the Abhagiri lecture so hope to see you soon.

It great! Thanks for sharing...

It great! Thanks for sharing...

Also looking forward to part 2! Please do make sure we know.

hopefully rev. heng sure will put this up as a separate post, but in the meantime, for those that will see this, here's part two of the interview:


When i was reading the books "LETTERS FROM TRUE CULTIVATORS", i actually "saw" myself or rather my false self inside! All the bad thoughts and things like that, i had them or done before. It was trully amazing. i did'nt realised it untill when i had the good blessing to read the books.It was really like reading my own sutra.

Great thanks to the two compassionate monks

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