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Dear Heng Sure,

It seems you have let your friendship with Tom Mahon cloud your judgement. Frankly, we have rarely seen such a shallow, immature, scattered, and biased (absolutistic) piece of political garbage. In the following we briefly point out the errors Tom is making:

1. As Sherfu would say, "Tom has things turned upside down." Tom cannot tell the difference betwen friend and enemy. In Tom's world Bush is the evil Sith and the Islamic Terrorists are the good guys. It is obvious that Tom has no understanding of national security issues, or Islamic history, particularily he has zero knowlege of the murderous life hisotry of Mohammed which the terrorists are emulating in the present day. Mohammed led 80 raids 26 personally during which he delighted in the killing of non-Muslims and looting and destroying their cities. Why not? Mohammed always got 20% of the loot, and how generous he was to let his fellow killers split the remaining 80%. Todays terrorists make money and fame by killing non-Muslims worldwide. Just like Mohammed Khilji did when he massacered the monks at Nalanda Buddhist university in India centuries ago and burned the holy texts in a fire that lasted 6 months. Buddhism disappeared from India becausse of this. 9/11 is America's introduction to violent Islam. Please note: Peaceful islam has never been able to stop or control violent Islam. The peaceful Moslems are too cowardly to face up to their violent brothers. The peceful moslems are very much in pathological denial just like Tom

2. Tom is pathologically in denail of 9/11 and its historical context. Rather than be objective and make efforts to understand a very checkered situation Tom prefers to absolutely hate Bush. Tom has venemously created Bush as his scapegoat. Tom like 50% of Americans is too cowardly, apathetic, and spoiled to face violenbt Islam objectively. He lives in a disconnected fantasyland of what he would like things to be rather than -- what they are! Tom is not applying Buddhist mindfulness or prajna insight, that would take too much genuine effort for him. Tom is too occupied with bitchening about and hating Bush. Many Actors, professors and religions persons are just like Tom. They are not capable of objective analysis of the war against terror. They cannot even carry on a harmonius and intelligent dialgoue about the situation as Tom's article proves.

3. President Carter winner of the Nobel peace prize stated: "War is evil, War is always evil, but sometime war is a necessary evil." Yes, the curent war against terorism may very well be a necesary evil. At the very least a well balanced person would not be absolutistic against Bush. Unless he was on somebody's payroll. Is it possible that Tom is on somebodys payroll. The Bush hater's payroll? Their is a lot of violent Islam and Marxist money out there seeking the masochistically impaired to join their ranks.

4. Tom calls the pope a Sith. Between the lines it seems Tom is a vehement supporter of Gay marriage. Since the pope is against Gay marrriage -- Tom absolutely calls the Pope an evil sith. By Tom's standard Sherfu would also be an evil Sith because Sherfu was 100% against Gay marriage. is this not a fact? Sherfu was definitely against Gay marriage. Gay marriage is a logical impossiblity. The Gay fasicsts are bent on destroying the heterosexual institution of marriage. Thus, the Gay fascists provide us the smoking gun of their misconduct by the vicious assault against marriage between a man and women. If the Gay fascists were humane and legitimate they would call their unions by some other name. Courteous and righteous qays would not even consider calling their unions marriage. But not so the vicious Gay fascists.

5. Dear Heng Sure, we humbly request a meeting with you and Martin to discuss the above issues in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere. Also we would like to include the teacher from Berkeley High who like the two of you has been an exemplary member of Sherfu's Sangha

Namo Amitabha,

Michael and Jacquelyn Hevajra

it's rather shocking to read such poisonous bile from people claiming to have Buddhist 'insight' as the commenters above. I hope you will seriously reflect on the fear and hatred which emanates from your views, which are utterly devoid of compassion and merit.

It makes life so much easier to marginalize and tar people who disagree with you in the 'bush-hater' bogeyman brush. I'm sure you are equally vehement that Clinton is the root of all our ills. Your unabashed, virulent homophobia marks you as incredibly enlightened, as well.

Your writing also shows you are about as ignorant of Islam as you apparently are of Buddhist teachings.

Yeah, I think we need a little bit more peace, friendship, and understanding within this thread of comments. For us Buddhists, we should "Truly recognize your own faults, And don't discuss others' wrongs. Others wrongs are just my own."


Ultimately speaking, there is our inner peace which no war can take it away if we don't let the outside phenomena to delude us....

I just had a 'crazy' thought. The Muslims killed millions of Buddhist in India and caused Buddhism to almost vanish there. Now, come to think of it, who is going to repay the debt? Those Buddhists who were murdered long ago are crying out, maybe Bush heard them in a way he can relate? who knows? This world is upside down, it is difficult to pinpoint... I believe in final justice. Mr. Tom Mahon will be better off learning more about Buddha's teaching.
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