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I already have itune on my PC. I have copied lots of DRBA songs (they are wonderful!) I plan to copy them to my ipod and share them with my Buddhist friends. Now, the Sutra lecture on itune available for us --this is like a double blessings. Thanks a million.

HURRAH! Thank you podcasting! :D i always try to catch the live weekly broadcasting but sometimes i miss it - even with only 3 hrs time difference.

now with podcasting - sutra lectures on long subway rides and long plane rides!

again: hurrah!!!

Amitofo to all Dharma Friends,

may i kindly enquire does anyone in Malaysia, particulary residing in Kuala Lumpur, has kept a full set of Dharma Master Heng Sure audio lectures on the Avatamsaka Sutra since the beginning of lecture series?.....

currently, i'm only having the audio lecture files for the entire 2003; 10th & 17th Jan '04; July 24 to Dec 11 '04, and the rest of 2005....

if you have the audio files from Feb to July '04, or even since 2002, may i humbly seek a copy of them so that my collection will be complete.....

best regards,

Chin Wai

Very nice. Your version is nice indeed - may I have an MP3 at some point?

There is only one lecture from BBM on the itune which was 2 months old. Are there any current ones?

Lets go for a run!

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