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Amitofo DM Heng Sure...

it is just amazing to know that Korea also has a strong history in Buddhism like China where i didn't even realise the existence of Haeinsa Monastery and the wonderful wood carvings of the Tripitaka until now.....

hope you will able to share with us some photos on the woodblocks for our reverence.....

best regards,

Chin Wai


Just would like to inform everyone that Unesco has given recognition to Haeinsa Temple in its World Heritage List where its homepage is as below:-


Also check out the belowmentioned site as it gives a great detail explanation on how the woodblocks have been preserved in mint condition all this while....


That brings back memories. I visited Haeinsa in 1969 during a tour of Buddhist monasteries in Korea, shortly after I entered the order in Japan. I had to spend a month outside Japan before I could get the visa I needed for an extended period of training. Since I had been in the Peace Corps in Korea before going to Japan, it was natural for me to go back. I also visited Peopjusa, Bulgugsa, Jogaesa, Jigjisa, and others during that month. I had a great time, although kimchi without any garlic took a little getting used to.

My former hosts in Korea were delighted, and also astounded, to see me come back as a monk. Little children would stop playing in the streets when I came by and say, "Wah! Migug jung!" ("Wow! An American monk!")

YOur site is great. I am the editor for a spiritual online magazine called Essence of Life. We are due to have our first issue on the net next week. We have an interview with a zen monk who was trained in Korea and would like to have a beautiful photo of a Korean monastery to go with the article. would it be possible to use your photo of the Haiensa monastery? I look forward to your response, Niki

Hi Heng Sure Shih,

I just read that the Tripitaka there has been keyed in a CD-ROM. I wonder if it is keyed in classical Chinese. Wonder if the Chinese Tripitaka is less complete this this Korean one?

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