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How exciting. I work across the street and didn't notice anything going on. Is this a large, small or fairly typical size group? Are the folks with yellow tags around their necks the panel? What is the significance of the different garments?

I think the brown robed panel are Theravadan monks. They have affinity with CTTB. Master Hua emphazised so much on uniting the Northern and Southern tradition and is bearing fruit.

Congratulations to them all!

You are right. I recognize a couple of the monks from Abhayagiri Monastery. Thats Ajahn Pasanno fifth from the left. They have a story about the ordination on their website too:


Congratulations to them all.

They look awesome. There are hero & heroine of our time!

Congratulations to the newly appointed bhiksus and bhikunis!

I wonder what are the requirements for a laymen and lay-women to become full-pledge monks and nuns at CTTB ?

Congratulations to all the new appointed bhiksus and bhikshunis!All of them looked very adorned.

With twenty eight newly forged torches, the world is now brighter,
Passed on by an inconceivable torch bearer,
Bowing with a humble & deference mind to the ground,
Vowing that this rare & brilliant light long abound

wow i know most of them. I'm so happy to see some leave home-life and now became bhikshunis and bhiksus

My dry bones smile in your direction
And sprinkle you with the everlasting dew of gladness.

As the sun transforms morning dew to mist,
There is something important to remember.

This impure world is not separate from great enlightenment.
Stop carving a perfect plan.
A big idea.
A great escape.
Put down your rasp and your riffler.
Remain in this world with its' imperfection and moral turpitude.

You are welcome in this Divine Milieu!

With peace and gladness,
Namo Amitabbha Buddha.

the poems are so nice that people left here (((hugs)))
it really was auspicious. i remember i went to cttb that day, and a western visitor came with her friend, they just drove there from Los Angeles... and she said it was her birthday. Then all the newly ordained nuns walked in... and I said "Happy Birthday!" I was so excited I just about cried!
one of the people that took ordination that day was an all american woman from mississippi. i tried to teach a couple of the other nuns about the mississippi river when i visited cdr, but only one of them was that interested.
i think i can count the number of american bhikshunis (and maybe bhikshus too?) without using my toes, but anyway, i guess it doesn't matter. We'll catch up someday.

I think that is her... all the way on the top right, the nun from Mississippi. But, the faces are so teeny. But she's the second palest one in the picture. I was so happy.

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