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A bunch of deciples decided to build a temple. They used discernment to select the best location for the temple. The deciples worked very hard every day by carting around wheel barrows full of rocks. They had great joy because they were building a Bodhi Way place, and each deciple was happy to see the gladness reflected in the faces of other workers. One deciple would always pile more rockes in his wheel barrow than he could push. The other deciples would lighten his load so he could work in comfort. While they were working, the deciples would repeat the mantra "Namo Amitabba." This is how they remembered Amitabbha Buddha and his Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. At the end of the day, around twilight, the deciples would meditate together, concentrating on each breath. Sometimes there would be personality conflicts, but the deciples practiced equinimity and the Middle Way; therefore, all disagreements were solved quickly and justly. No person was moved by overly nice or overly mean interactions.

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