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I am a vegetarian but I do eat dairy foods. Some time eggs, is that OK?

Wow. Nicely said - the recitation, along with commentary, provides great food for thought. When you have copies, please let me know - I'd like to read one.

I try to control my mind . do not thinking anything in a moment or once a while but it hard . it just come up any thing . I try to control my inside . i alway or often get angry , depressed or bored. i read some books. i knew what i should be done. but i am not . somethings get over easy but somethings not easy get over .i knew i do not know what happen to me tomorrow but i still see the life is long .and i need time long enought to pay off the debt.i just quit eat meat and fish or somthing likethat . it easy more than i thought. i knw why but i still do not know why .

everyday morning at this time ,at work place.i eat oatmeal in boiling hot water and cereals . a tea spoon instance coffee. later that , i eat steamrices , tofu , peanut dry roast,soysauced , a little bit of veggi, a pieces of apple , drink water or soymilk .small cup of tea. at home i eat the same food.i do not go to the temple. just go to work ,back home.sleep , eat, do a few things. home alone.read books one hour. one cat in front ,one dog in back yard. only me inside the house. is is a good life ?

i did not eat meat, fish, etc... read the sutras, no more wander , looking for myself ,i saw i did a lot of mistakes.from the past and in the present ,.when people say: i am wrong , i feel hurt and mad at them . i have myself. i am trying to delete myself. its hard to do.

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