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The current practice of the meat industry is to grind non-consumed animal parts back into the feed mix for the animals, effectively making most vegetarian animals carnivores and cannibals. Given the number of animals slaughtered every day, the rationale is that the environmental consequences of dealing with so many corpses would be staggering if the industry did not use this macabre disposal technique. Despite the latest guidelines which are aimed at keeping brain and spinal cords out of the recycled food chain in an effort to decrease the likelihood of human contraction of prion diseases like mad cow disease, the industry is loosely regulated at best and no doubt still engages in the practice. Even without nervous tissue being fed to these vegetarian animals, they're stomachs are not designed to digest the things they're being fed, no doubt creating a whole host of infections and miscellaneous physiological problems. I worry that yet another danger of meat consumption is that the consumed flesh is perhaps more diseased that anyone presently admits as a result of the physiological chaos induced by feeding animals the wrong food, and that diseased flesh causes disease in humans.

From this standpoint, I have to wonder whether this latest use of animal parts will actually increase the number of animals being slaughtered, or instead divert corpses that would have been fed to other animals into bio-fuel generation. My instinct says that now that an alternative has been developed to disposing of animal corpses, there is a wider window for legislation to pass that increasingly bans the practice of feeding animals to other vegetarian animals. Though I don't condone the consumption of meat, its hopeful that diverting corpses from the animal food chain would have a positive impact on the health of both 'farmed' animals and the humans that consume them.

there is a vegetarian restaurant in my hometown, and i think the owner drives a biodiesel car... cause i walk by and it is always parked there.
how do you know if the biodiesel is animal or plant based?
does it depend on the car?
where i used to live, they put ethanol in the gas most of the time... i think that is made from corn.
do they use ethanol in california too?
anyway... it is gross... i think i will stick to walking.

My friend, I cannot forsee this increasing human cruelty to animals. In fact, it strikes me as a far better way of honoring the deceased than, as Rahul pointed out, feeding its leftovers to kith and kin.

how sanitary is it to use animal waste as fuel?

i disagree with using animal parts for fuel. It gives them all the more reason to increase production of animals, ergo bigger slaughterhouses. It is probably easier to have fuel from plants than from animals.

honestly, people should look more into solar power. Once people get onto this bandwagon, costs can be reduced, it's so much more efficient (space efficient, power efficient, everything) and the sun, my friends, is here to stay. :)

another two cents.

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