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Thank you DM Sure to share this news. I can see that in the near future China will contribute a good deal more in its spiritual wealth rather than economical one. Chinese people have strong affinity to Buddha's wisdom, the door in China is open now and we can see Buddhism will florish again like it does in Taiwan.

Long live Shaolin! Long live Chan Buddhism!

A friend of mine had a problem over the summer of wanting to take Kung Fu classes from monks but not believing the exorbitant price that is set per class. My friend there for several days in a row, trying to convince them that he was sincere and wanted to learn, but didn't have the several hundred dollars to cough up there and then. But to no avail. The guy behind the counter - i call the moneyman - told us that the pay goes to rent and the like.

What happen to good ol' days of taking in the student who was sincere, not the student who could just pay?
Is this what consumerism and capitalism has turned us into?

During that same time in search of a good school, we came upon many websites featuring shaolin monks in America with much publicity and fame. I guess there are two ways of looking to this issue:
a) they are making themselves well-known so that more people amy come to them and learn.
b) just in it for the publicity.

in the end i do agree that we all have to adapt to changes in society and time. Being in touch with society is to allow us to better communicate with them and for them to relate better.

but i think the important question is: how to change with society, without changing/losing ourselves.

just my two cents. :)

Fighting moves
Shaolin grooves
Little is not bad
Big is not good
Little is not good
Big is not bad
Interfused, interpenetrating
Delight in helping others
Seeing what is original, and sublime

Ring a ding ding
Listen to me sing
Neither nor
Awaken living beings.
This is no time to snore.

Somebody and nobody
Who is the Buddha?
Where is home for the Buddha Mind?
May all sentient beings be well and happy.
Practice Kung-Fu if you must,
But never retreat from cleaning off the dust.

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