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This is a wonderful story that makes you wonder many things:
- it's great to see everyday people acting in an extraordinarily giving manner. They obviously risked more than a little when they dived in.
- also it made me realise again that 'you never know what's possible until you try it', but if you don't you surely know the outcome and that is: No it's not possible.

One can only imagine what an incredible experience it must have been for the divers.

This story reminds me of what Sebastiao Salgado, the great Brazilian protographer, is doing now: "Genesis" is his last long term project, photographing, pristine, untouched places on earth.
He 'shot' right whales off the coast of Argentina earlier this year.
Here is the link: the photographs (and story) are beautiful

It also shows how the simple act of fishing for food can cause suffering to living creatures. I remember, the first person I met that told me she was a Buddhist taught me about how the plastic rings on soda cans hurt ocean life. She was cutting them apart and I asked her why. She wouldn't tell me anything about Buddhism though. She just said, Buddhists let go of everything and "lit up" and passed out on my couch.
Not really proper, but it was funny.
She was this pretty Chinese girl, and she came over to my apartment with no hair... and when I asked her why... she said she was Buddhist, so I said, "What's a Buddhist, What KIND of god is Buddha?"
Oh well, I guess she just came over to see her sister (we were hanging out at my place eating pizza) and take a nap.
I kept bugging her like all the time... she just would ignore me and smoke, i went to her place, invited her to my place.. I even moved in with her sister and lived above her, but she wouldn't say another word about it.
I don't know ... what kind of God is Buddha? I don't think I even know what Buddhism really is.

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