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Rude interaction.
Where is the origination?
What is the satisfaction?
Growling calls - echoes of stipulation.

Buddha's crinkled nose snarling,
Pouncing like an African cat,
Protecting secret knowledge startling.
How can this thing exist, begat?

Perfectly reflecting.
Ouch. This hurts.
Rude interactions rejecting,
Echoed lifetimes resound and blurt.

Happiness in freedom. Freedom in happiness.
Precepts are not so bad. Never inhale crappiness.

Dedicating all roots of goodness,
May all sentient beings never lack what they need.
Praising formation of good roots,
May all sentient beings nourish the Bodhi seed.

Welcoming enlightening beings,
We're pleased to meet you!
Emancipated from their realms of desire,
Form and formlessness go away too.

Cherishing the fundamental wisdom,
Buddha’s teachings rain down in blossoms.
Harvesting the non-secret teachings,
Senses unite like assembling flotsam.

Jettison that nettlesome fetter.
No worries, things are getting better.

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