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classic. :)

Rev. Sure,

What does it take to live in the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, monetarily? I would like to study for a time, but am rather destitute. Could you help me? My email is atomicspud@gmail.com, if you wish to reply.



Very nice picture!
(...wish I could be there)

Layer on Layer
Head on top of Head
Buddhas manifest as Teachers

Steps to one’s nature

The Trail Blazer I have left
But the one in the middle
I will return

Slowly I will find my way back

Why doesn't he just kill you?
That priest with a noose.
Just escaping from memories,
The sad cycle of Catholic abuse.

Become the boy next door.
Oblivious to one white buck tooth?
Mind is constantly changing.
No victim, nor victor - only the truth.

Resurrection unlimited,
Emptiness brings a change of face.
Thankful students praise all Buddhas.
Welcoming teachers offer this refuge place.

No ownership, no permanence,
Put it all on the line.
This wisdom journey is one for all time.

Warm up the car. Head off to work.
Feed the chickens. Milk the cows.
Pushing dung across the barn wood floor,
Success is measured by a factor of cubicles.
Tomorrow will bring you more.

Mundane existing has a material goal.
Change comes from sutras you hear.
Light shines past these dimly carved words.
Paper, stone, scissors - they all disappear.

What are the Ten Doors?
Who is a self before the begin?
Go to thus words, Starlings in flight.
Warm sun waits on waters within.

Bow to all Buddhas,
Your heart on the floor.
The stream will smooth all stones,
Like a find cigars' humidor.

Rumblings of Bodhi, cats' claw on slate.
Wakes you up from sleep torporous.
What is the Bodhi Resolve?
Cools affliction like a wet Rhinoceros.

Be at peace. Yours' is a natural state.
Occluded for only an instant,no wanting,no wait.

Working for this world.
Slave master's come to town.
Constantly in the vision of others,
Suffering is the only dharma found.

Fame, fortune, food and sleep.
Everyone wants to be the boss.
This room is a little too pink.
What you can't burn toss.

Help Wanted: World Systems INC
Buddhas or Buddhas to be
Shrinking/growing company
Help young sailors on the sea.

Both master and slave,
Fear the oceans burly might.
No mark of self or others,
Quenches thirst, and kills the fight.

Free all slaves. Be a friend.
Let this story have a happy end.

"Where do you want to go today?"®
Killing innovation, obfuscate all truth.
It ain't easy being rich, so they say.
Breaking software that works, poison so uncouth.

Buy anything you want. What the heck?
America is a land of production.
Feel the noose around your neck.
Accumulation, such an unholy suction.

Disjointed notes float with time and decay.
Unchallenged law of supply and demand.
Buzzing truths of cessation and Way.
Crepiscule with Nellie rings your hand.

Four million users shouting on Skype.
Count every connection with utmost Theloniousism.
Fresh blood flows from blue and white.
The American dream is spiced with Eroniousism.

Carefully paddle the narrow straights.
Dream up a dharma of Ten Mysterious Gates?

1. All things are co-existent, corresponding to one another.
2. The intension and extension of one thing involve those of others without any obstacle.
3. The one and the Many are mutually inclusive.
4. All things are identical with one another.
5. The hidden and the manifested mutually perfect each other.
6. All minute and abstruse things mutually penetrate each other.
7. All things reflect one another.
8. Truth is manifested in facts and facts are the source of Enlightenment.
9. The past, present and future are inter-penetrating.
10. All things are manifestations and transformation of the mind.
(Vergilius Ferm)

Is death cruel?
The pain of absence feels like a knife through the heart.
Are these emotions just a meandering fool?
How can this Karma have no start?

Where is this corpse?
Dismembered, bloody and bent.
Assaulted by sutras in Norse.
Body impure, it's emotions that went.

Digested pools of black and red.
The corpse keeps changing - even now dead.

Don't be sad. Hold up your head.
At least sentient beings are happy and fed.

Whether in or on the Dharma,
Clouds never disappoint.
Spiritual beings ride the wings of Karma,
Finding medicines to offer and anoint.

Calm and clear reflecting pool,
Old fetters relinquished,
Buddhas' disciples sing of word and rule.
Mara pouts about a city now vanquished.

Boundless wind is part of all.
Known by many labels,
Each religious sect de-constructs this wall.
Leading soft young foals to their parents stables.

Know the truth in clouds.
Sing it bold and loud.
Never count the crowd.

Dedicate all merit and virtue,
So all beings can become wise.
I won't hurt you.
Find a way to improvise.

Universally bow in front of all Thus Ones.
Dedicate your peerless gift to beings.
Share your gifts, whatever you become.
Compassion for your neighbor, beyond all seeings.

Have faith in Amitabbha's Western Pure Land.
Repeat his name, and grip his hand.
Practice Chan, like Han Shan.
Combine both practices.

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