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Sounds like lots of energy there. What a great and meaningful life to be a monastic!

Anybody know if this convention will have any coverage posted anywhser?

Neat pictures. Looks like a Buddhism is very vibrant over there. And I love the picture of the Roo.

I think the folks from Buddhist Channel sent someone to blog about the conference. It can be read here:

Who is fundamentalist self?

"Because things have no inherent nature
No one can comprehend them;
When understanding things in this way,
Ultimately nothing is understood."

Who is euthenizing self?

"For inconceivable billions of eons
Having associated with all the Buddhas,
Everything they practice
Can be shown in a single instant."

Who is political self?

"The Buddha Ascetic, benefiting the world,
Supreme among the Auspicious,
Has been in this hall of universal embellishment;
Therefore this place is most auspicious."

Why does Hsu Yun move up stream to drink?

"Forever stop occupational killing."

Buddhist Fellowship Singapore has also contributed a post about the Global Conference in Perth. Kindly visit http://bf-soracco.blogspot.com

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