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he is a buddha birdie. the other day i had one ... a teeny humming bird sat in a tree while i was reciting the sutra. I had never seen a humming bird sit that still before. i tried to take pictures... but it was no use.
what is the name of the white peacock... i just call him hufa. Birds live a long time, just like people. Today I was at the temple and I was sitting on the steps, and one of the big blue peacocks came and sat next to me.
The avatamsaka sutra really is my favorite... i only got to recite it for one day, but it was so precious. i have a question about the syllabary. I was only able to memorize the first one. It looks like a character in chinese... the first one in my favorite word. Are they related to each other?

Not able to recover past thoughts,
Not holding on to present thoughts,
Unable to obtain future thoughts,
Thirty billion is a big gift!

Accepting and upholding four lines,
Who's afraid of wisdom?
Past, present, and future time;
Who milks cows in Chittendon?

Milk, butter, and curds;
Minds both sharp and dull.
When are words not words?
Still some rice to hull.

Perfect wisdom is a great wish.
Dedication to others - a peerless gift.

“Not able to recover past thoughts,” is a thought!
”Not holding on to present thoughts,” is a thought!
”Unable to obtain future thoughts,” is also a thought!
”Thirty billion is a big gift!” is a big thought as well!

“Accepting and upholding four lines,” is a delusion!
”Who's afraid of wisdom?” is an imagination!
”Past, present, and future time;” is also a thought!
”Who milks cows in Chittendon?” is mother of all thought!

“Milk, butter, and curds;” are food to help the Poors!
”Minds both sharp and dull.” is a big thought!
”When are words not words?” is a big delusion!
”Still some rice to hull.” Is a guess!

“Perfect wisdom is a great wish.” Is a thought!
”Dedication to others” is the path to Buddhahood!

For contentitousness is a desease of the mind!
Cease accepting and rejecting…thoughts.
When interact, use thought!
Otherwise, put them away!
Then the Buddha-mind will appear before you!

All Sutras are the words of the Buddha,
Like different medicines for different illness.
There is neither deep nor shallow Sutra!
But there are more or less deluded minds.
But all are like a dream,
Once awakening, they all disapprear!
And then “form is emptiness, and emptiness is form”
Is the nature of the Buddha-mind.

I hope I do not confuse you!
But if you do, lay down all thoughts
Then nothing will bind you
And you are free to roam between heaven and hell!

Wish you the bests,


p/s: If my humble words offend you,please accept my apology and forgive me!

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