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I don't know if you could cheer me up, but he just did... so cute.

"Thousands of offenders had been
Condemned to death by the king;
Seeing them, the prince was seized with compassion
And asked the king to release them."

Memorize and recite the Shurangama Mantra.
Wipe the slate clean.
Compassion for Kookaburra.
Greatest ever seen.

If thoughts are so inaccurate, ungraspable and unpredictable, on what can I rely?

"Continuously work to turn all sentient beings away from the repetitious circles of the mundane whirl."

"This peaceful liberation of mind guides the world
To happiness in accord with the time
By producing the light of truth
To end the darkness of delusion and ignorance."
"See Vairocana, enlightened,
Pervading all lands in the ten directions,
Sitting at the foot of the enlightenment tree
In each atom expounding the teaching of peace."

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