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I heard master ChinKung said when he lectured on the New Testament, it is just like another Avatamsaka. Do you think Christian can handle that? Avatamsaka is so spectacular, we human beings have short changed ourselves for so long, it is about time to awaken to that majesty!

I like the first one the best and the one that is a close up of his face, so the first and the third. I think Chinese laypeople like the fat Buddha because his belly means that he accepts all things. But I don't know if a lot of people from the west know what it means. The fat belly is very comforting to normal people that live in an insane world.
But the real Maitreya is much, much better looking. I saw a big art book on Japanese Esoteric Buddhism at the Sacramento Library that had a really GOOD looking Maitreya in it.

Anger, careful about that.
It can lead to regrets.
Sloth, messy cabins lost.
It can lead to confusion.

Greed, never enough to feed.
It can make you agitated.
Sex, where is the source?
Birth and death veted.

Fame, at what cost?
Who remembers your things?
Sleep, mellifluous ocean's coast.
High platforms and puffy chairs.

Easy for some, hard for others.
Karmic debts paid.
This writ is staid.

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