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Studying Guqin in China! Just being able to play that ancient instrument in such a setting will be an experience by itself.

I like the title of the new CD, it's catchy.

Have a safe and a great trip to China. I'm excited to hear the stories from that trip and the accompanying pictures.

Happy to kill.
Who is this self in the mirror?
Substantial, palpable, free will.
The water is mine. I own this river.

Killing is fun sport,
Like winning a football game.
Or, getting affirmation for your tort.
Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil is not the same.

Pastel shades of reasoning rational,
Who speaks in primary colors?
Which war is up front and national?
Red, green blue .. is there another?

What color is fun killing?
The shades of victory willing?

What's a Guqin again? I think you showed it during the lecture. Can you post another picture? Maybe of you and the professor?
I see from the picture of Confucius that's the thing I was thinking it was. My father plays a country and western instrument like that called the steel guitar. It's like his favorite thing to do.

Be well in China. If you find your way out to Weifang, Shouguang(small city), I will be glad to offer you and a few of the delegation,a place in my home with good vegetarian cooking.I have two rooms in my home which can accomodate 10 people, if some sleep on the floor.
My home is also a school of cultivation.

Peace and Be well.

Lin Ai Wei

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