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Frugal and tough,
When is emotional love
Just not enough
To Empty Clouds above?

Dirty and stinking,
No toilet or water tap.
Eyes unblinking,
Floor boards form a gap.

Hot and cold,
Memories of production.
Stories still told -
Reduce, reuse instruction.

Bald or hairy,
Where is a monkey's mind?
Visions scary,
Wanting more to find.

Weird or normal,
What is social measure?
Meetings formal,
Vacations slow with leisure.

Wired or Luddite,
Artificial treasure,
Techno babbling insight.
Frivolous connected fissure.

Goats and cows,
Ancestors from the past.
Both are licking you now.
Awaken now at last.

Two masters, one grandfather.
What is cultivation?
Tell me why to bother.
Love of country? Love of nation?

Who benefits from cultivation?
Is it a self indulgent task?
Wheels form your station.
Grasping makes the mask.

Orange moon, so sad, so soon.
Why does he stop?
That cackling cockeyed loon.

Was it raining or snowing when they took the picture of you and the assembly in front of the memorial?
Is it cold there? I hope you are getting enough to eat.

Is the doggie a dharma protector?

I woke up this morning wondering why he lived in a cowshed.
Do you think it had anything to do with avoiding drama?
Do you think Bodhisattvas avoid drama or thrive on it? I remember the saying that Bodhisattvas fear creating karma... so maybe that's why they live like hermits in cowsheds. But like Guan Yin is always reaching into the muck, so you think she would live in a cowshed??? and what about Di Dzang Pu Sa??? poor guy... talk about some drama.
I really wish I could cultivate so I could save him from staying in hell for all eternity... it's mean to make him stay there i think.
So we should all be nice and take up our personal cross and cultivate.
I need some more coffee and I am going to do some homework too.

It is really awesome to observe this picture of Master Xuyun!!

A monk with long hair and beard. I guess he is out of the ordinary.

To Vera who thought Master Hsu Yun had long hair,
please look again, he did not have long hair, it's a
cloth covering he was wearing.

Rare it is to find a great enlightened master like him. Namo Amitabha!

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