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May all living veings have wonderment.
Wonderful stisfaction.
The fruit OHM.
The beginning AH.
The end HUM.
When life brings rewards beyond money and stuff,
Ancestors smile from above.

How far the poet from words wonderful?
Sutra text in translation.
The source OHM.
The messenger AH.
The voice HUM.
When death comes, regrets vanish, simply dust.
Amita once is enough.

May all living beings have this great chance.
The golden journey of dance.
The tap OHM.
The sylable AH.
The sound HUM.
When sound rings, happy people queue from the door.
Ready to learn something more.

OHM AHA HUM, in Dharma.

OHM AHA HUM, in Peace.

OHM AH HUM, in Joy.

May all beings be happy.
May all beings be at peace.
May all beings know the joy of Dharma.


I hope some day there will be DRBA monestery established there. Chinese people have such deep affinity and respect for Buddhism.

There is no escape from death.
How far away the other shore?
A bifurcated portrait of a lifetime.
Part shade, part light,
The change is sudden.

What is moving, Train or car?
The sun, the earth, the universe?
A shaded sense thing painting on the temple wall,
Part large, part small.
Hear the call. Listen.

Listen, hear the crying world.
Wanting satisfaction right now,
The more you get, the more you want,
Endless loop.
Count beads on a string.
Hear the break point near.

East, West, where is the Pure Land?
A place where trees ring out in sound.
How can bad habits reach the final end point?
Part birth, part death,
The change is present.

Present moment, wonderful moment,
Thoughts from the past have strange colors.
Now does not dwell.
Who owns the future?

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