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Since childhood, i've always admired the Native Americans on their profound understanding for the 'Tao' similar to the ancient Chinese in China....

hmmm...i guess their beautiful music will also definately hit a chord deep in our mind who yearns for the 'Way'....

I would love to come see that. I am part native american. I was wondering if Rev. Heng Sure is part native american too since he is from Ohio?

I have a feeling that Rev. Sure was a Chinese Monk in his previous life.

So you are still doing the sutra lecture right? I wanted to come down this weekend but something happened. It is okay, I am just going to meditate by myself in the house. But I hope the concert is a big smash. I hope lots of people come and that they stay to hear the dharma too!

PS. Dear Ang,
I think I was a Chinese nun in a past life. Or maybe japanese... or maybe i was a pirate? but now I'm just a whole lot of i don't know. :P
loves it.

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