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It seems that some Catholic monks are ready for Buddhist discipline all it takes is one small step to leap forward. They got what it takes!Just the mind is still a bit 'closed'.

However, I am hearing more and more ex-Catholic monks are waiting to be ordained as Bhikkhu.

i read an article yesterday about a catholic monk that became a buddhist monk:
kfc tho

omg i know at least one person besides u in that photo

What a small world. I happen to live in that town and also Catholic upbringing. I'll definitely try to meet him.

this is a very inspirational picture.

I think its unfair to state generally that Catholic monks have a "closed" mindset. I think it is irrelevant what faith they are, but rather how sincere in their heart it is to practice and understand the truth.

When I say 'Closed' mindset, I mean the mindset to cling to 'self' and 'God' has not been letting go yet. When the mind is still closed to just that and not realizing the 'God' that we 'worship' so much is our own true nature, then we are not quite awake yet.

Buddha realized that, Jesus did too, he said 'my father and I are one'. I have a feeling that Jesus and Shykiamuni Buddha were co-cultivators long long ago, and so are we with them...

Words like nephews and nieces,
Differentiating brown from black,
Pluralistic chess pieces
Change rules, offering some slack.

No more chasing the king,
Capturing the Queen.
There is an awakening.
A chance to be kind instead of mean.

The king maintains the ground.
Pieces converge and overlap.
Moving freely on the checkered board,
In between birth and death, no nap.

Neither defending nor covering their king,
Brown and black form a perfect wing.

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