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Who would have thought that livestock is a bigger force in pushing ahead the warming of our planet than automobiles are? One stat from PETA that I have remembered for a long time and that supports what is stated in this article, is that for every pound of beef grown it takes 12 pounds of grain and 100 gallons of water. Hence, "Livestock — which consume more food than they yield — also compete directly with humans for water." I really appreciate the last sentence. While we are not going to give up meat right away, it is paramount that we start moving (and soon) in a more sustainable direction, and not just with respect to livestock, but to all of our human systems.

When I was coming from Ukiah on the bus to the bay area there were some cows by the 101. I was like they are so cute... but it's so sad cuz someone is gonna kill them. But then I thought, well what would happen if we didnt kill them? now that we have bred so many? and my mind's eye saw a whole hillside covered with cows and then dozens and dozens of them the same way, and them not having any grass to eat and dying of starvation. I guess their population would eventually balance out. But I think that we would have to neuter a lot of cows straight away. But still. I feel bad when I see someone chopping up meat and I hate eating it. So how are we going to implement birth control for cows?
We can't even get people to have self control. And I hear cow farts deplete the ozone layer.

I think we should get that Vegan recipe book done. I remember,
where we left off... I mean, getting a structure...
Anyways, I posted my 2 cents on my blog and thought it's important to provide a link here...

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