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What takes away your smile?
Some sort of inner conflict.
Inner battlefields' body pile.
How many bodies comprise the deficit?

What is ordinary?
Creates more time?
Time for speaking syllables nearly...
How far away is the syllabic line?

What is the distance between?
Between a poet and his words.
Where has this pen been?
Hunch over and get close to your world.

Cosanastra-black suit Mafia man.
Where is your fear? Reach out your hand.

Endless conversation, who are you helping?
Self examination, who are you hurting?

Oh! McKinley Avenue,I miss you so beautiful during fall

pretty tree

i guess in california we don't really need christmas trees.


I teach myself ! Don't thinking too much~~~

Somewhere, On the way,
From the Berkeley train stop,
to the monastary,
There's a fountain of Youth,
Filling me with Joy,
Reminding me,
The privilege of walking,
This Planet, Mother,
This Road, this town,
This Bag, Contentment,
This breath, Blessings,
Bless the monks,
Peace is mine.

I'm procrastinating from my studies.

I like winter
Because winter make me not think of so many
Cold ground of cold
There is not shouldering a heavy task of emotion Like ice
Like this
Very comfortable
The same when just been here with me

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