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Who owns the mind ground?
Stomp and shape it.
Is the mind flat or round?
Gravel lives where pebbles are found.

A bargain hunter's dream.
Red thread with a blue inseam.
Where do your impulses lean?

Emotions are like wind.
Anger is like fire.
Who takes a thief for friend?
A body is a corpse in the end.

Shall we dance?
I like forms.
You like emptiness.
Our fires are warm.

Let's talk about our feelings.
I let it out.
You have mirrors on the insides.
We both shout.

Let's do something.
I am a careful planner.
Your bell has an impulsive ring.
Together we are warmer.

What is this conscious world?
Five heaps of dirt in a mound.
What is existing?
Hearing cool winds whistling?

What is the "Middle Ground?"
A Dragon King's sage is found.
He writes of perfections.
Perfect reflections.

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