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Here in Providence we will miss him greatly. I was able to hear him speak at the Khmer Buddhist Society and he was a friend of First Unitarian Church and our late minister, Tom Ahlburn.
Maha Ghosanada performed the wedding for me and my husband. With a wedding like that, divorce is not an option, it will be twenty five years this november.
He touched many people here in the Cambodian community and others.

There was also an obituary for the Venerable in the LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/news/obituaries/la-me-passings15.2mar15,1,3029840.story?coll=la-news-obituaries


Once, I was the only Westerner at a Cambodian New Year ceremony in Leverett. Maha Ghosananda was preaching in Khmer, but he noticed me and gave me a short homily in English, before switching back to Khmer. He alway drew the circle wider, to include everyone. Bless his memory.

I'm sad to say that I did not remember these words. I hope the fact that at 19 I was a bit overwhelmed by my first in-person diverse interfaith experience excuses it a bit. I did recognize his face and name though as soon as I pulled up the blog. Thank you for sharing, it is a lovely story. I have no doubt that his holding of the silence, joyously so, was an integral component of that 1997 gathering.

Hi, my is name Tony I know Maha Ghosananda he was staying at the Cambodian in Philadelphia he did not speak much but, whenever he would see me he would say my name it was a very good feeling. I work at Burger King, I'D often bring him milkshakes, he loved them also french fries. I'm going to miss him but he is not forgotten.

It was so sad to hear that Moha Ghosananda passing. He was a great monk and leader not only for Khmer people but also the others. He helped ending the bloodshed and restored peace for Cambodians.

Will his soul in Heaven. He will be Nirvana.

i really enjoyed the other reader's comments, especially about the 25 year marriage and the BK milkshakes. :)

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