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this is a great idea! There's definitely a lot more seemingly "casual" references to Buddhism that is trendy today. Most people refer to Buddhism without really understanding the notion behind it and create plenty of misconceptions.

Times are changing and with every new "time", there needs to be chance to reexamine traditional values and thoughts to "update" them in the context of today's world.

Even as a Buddhist for many years, I feel a need to have a refresher bc people turn to me (as the token Buddhist of the group) to explain Buddhist terms and connect tradition to modernity.

Just my 2 cents. :)

I'm in CT, I would like to participate via webcast. Can you provide the link?


I'm SO GLAD this is going to be podcasted!!! THANK YOU :)

The Buddhism 101 is something that here anyone wants to loose like already we are geting the best from the Saturdays direct transmissions from Berckley. But here at Almada, Portugal, will be at half past three a.m. so, we will try to give our best changing our work scheadules. Anyway and above at all - independentely of our possibilities -, we thank You a lot for this so great idea.

Hi, Yochanan
Thought to let you know, if you have time zone issue, there will be podcast version to be available a day or two later. I will be relying on the podcast version since I have time zone issue also.

I am very glad that you are interested in Buddhism. I grew up as Catholic and always fascinated with the Fatima event and remain deeply loyal to our blessed Virgin Mary. As I am Chinese, I relate Virgin Mary as QuanYin Bodhisattva. I view that the Christ and Buddha can merge beautifully together. Being nurtured in both traditions, I felt doubly blessed.

Hi Ching, I also like the Virgin only I have born a Jew at Israel - only I can't say that is my country...hehehehehe hapens. I don't care. It is good for you to love, so I am aware of the podcast but we here will try to be at the time... let us see. Anyway, is only for weeks.
About your love for the Catholicism, I and we here must confess that Portugal is one of the less Catholic countries of the world. People does not understand this but is a mediterranic phenomena. Anyway all the symbols, the Catholic ones, are very important for the Portuguese Popular Religion that is Druidic.

This first session of Buddhism 101 has been something special and we here are very happy to wait untill so late in the morning to see and listen in a direct transmission. But, of course, who is this Reverendo Heng Sure? Well, a great teacher he is, at least, but and above all, a being full of spirituality that irradiates it in person, across the speech showing a clear thinking, i.e: a great pedagogic capacity. Thank you a lot to all who made possible this transmission and thank you a lot and congratulations Reverendo Heng Sure.
From me, Hannah Kyara, Kyara De Rose, Kremylde and João Reis da Fonseca Santos - Almada, Portugal.


Thank you so much for the first session of buddhism 101. In spite it were here 3.30am when it started it was really great to participate in it 'live'. :)
We're looking forward to be there in the next lecture and if you'll have it saved please give us the link to we can see it again!
Many blessings and see you Saturday
From Portugal with Love
Kremylde, Kyara and Kyry Kyry

From Portugal with LOVE and From Portugal, Almada, already with SAUDADE. As the guitar of the Reverendo Heng Sure has 12 strings, so the portuguese guitar and we here have begun this so near portuguese sounds. But our SAUDADE (no hipotesis of translation) is based in the words: If You please, please continue. And if not ... well, all have been FANTASTIC and is with SAUDADE that we THANK YOU A LOT dearest Sir_()_AMITOFO

From the FozIber team may all of You be Blessed. That has been the most easy for weeks to pass. At the begining we thought to be impossible but the way that all have been developed everything changes to easy. Love from us Reverendo Heng Sure_()_NAMAN

Thanks to the people who provide the archives of all the lectures!

Podcast great!
/\ Omitofo!
Erik in Sweden

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