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Hello Rev Heng Sure,

Just thought I'd check in with you while you are in Europe to see if you are going to be coming to London at all? I'm guessing you would have emailed me if you were, but we would love to host you if you are planning to spend anytime here.

Hope your travels continue to go well.


Checking for updates indeed. I just spoke to KV and it sounds like the kids are having a major fun! A super bummer for me to miss this!

Have a super and safe trip!

I was just listening to Venerable Karma Lekshe Tsomo's talk from drby when she was at bbm. She should come back. I listen to the mp3 a lot. It is so sad how the nuns in that country are so poor. I thought I was poor, but at least I have more than one job and way to take care of myself. But I never thought that being a nun would mean that I would have to be totally impoverished the way that they are. Or the way I became myself when I quit working. I think that we should try to make sure that everyone who is sincere about practicing dharma is taken care of. It makes more sense than spending money to shoot at each other.

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