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"The nature of consciousness is not gendered. "

We study Buddha in order to get rid of " Barrier fetter(constraints in our mind)".
however, in reverse, we often generate even more " Barrier " Fetters oneself.
Something important which deserves our attention is.
however, always neglected by us.

Passerby made a very correct observation..if one does not have sufficient wisdom, it will be a case of one jumping from the frying pan and into the kettle..

The nature of opression is difficult to be dissovled once it has been set in motion...slavery was only ended after many hundred years when thousands of men & women brought forth awsome bravery & strength and selflessly risks their lives & loved one to overthrow that opression..

Till this day, the opression continues in other forms where by emulating selfless Bodhisattvas courage, it could be cast away sooner rather than later...

just my take on this subject..

I thought I saw nuns at the Buddhist temple in Washington DC?

Courtland H. Vu
son of Bao T. Vu

When I in childhood thought that, the men and women are, just the feature is different.
But after grows up discovered that, men and women,
has very in a big way is dissimilar.

Because, In theirs thought:

The woman, thought oneself is the woman.
The man, thought oneself is the man.

But I thought only is the house which lives is dissimilar.

How no matter, Now recollects,
The childhood simple idea, as if a little stupid. but also joyful very. were actually many.

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