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Sounds like it was a very inspiring visit - 900 people...that's a lot of people! :)

I like the theme of the conference very much!

Amituofo Ven. Heng Sure,

A group of us from Singapore was at the 5th Global Conference on Buddhism and we had a really good time and indeed learnt a lot from the conference. We enjoyed and probably made the most noise during your performance of "American Beef Cow". It is one enlightening and entertaining song. Thanks for such a brilliant song.

After your talks at KL, I must thank you for making Pureland teachings so lively and inspiring. Although Singaporeans are both Mandarin and English educated, many young Buddhists are much more comfortable with English language. There is a serious shortage of English speaking Mahayana teachers, English Pureland teachers are rare, Vegan Buddhist masters are even rarer and we do what we can to promote Pureland teachings as lay Buddhists. If you ever come to Singapore, please do not hesitate to hold Dharma talks on Pureland teachings or veganism.

Here's a little tribute to your song, "American Beef Cow" : http://www.moonpointer.com/index.php?itemid=1866

If you have any quotes on veg*nism, please share them with us. You will be surprised veg*nism is one of the hottest topics on http://moonpointer.com and http://moonpointer.com/bvf.php Though much discussion, it helps many to understand the cause.

Here's one of your talks found on YouTube a while ago : http://moonpointer.com/bvf.php?itemid=1569


Amituofo Ven.HengSure,

I attended the conference as well and learned a lot from you and the other speakers as well. Thank you very much for making the trip to Malaysia and sharing your experience and wisdom with us.

"The conference brought together Mahayana, Theravada and Vajrayana practitioners and scholars, both Sangha and laity."

I saw some of the talks from a DVD, i would like to know if some one knows where can i get all the talks. Would like to share with some friends

Dear Elizabeth Faria,

please go to DHARMARADIO.ORG for your need above. It has many series of Sutra lectures and other related information.
I hope your friends can go on to read on-line.

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