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Thank you for sharing this. I recognize the Great Compassion Mantra song that I used to play in my car. I received some CDs but never knew anything about the singer. Since the CDs came from Taiwan, I always thought it was a Taiwanese singer. It's wonderful to be able to match the music that I really enjoy with the person behind it. Quite a treat ; ).

Please make more Buddhist music. Thank you.

I love her compositions and would hope some day her recordings would be easier to get in the west.

Perhaps some day Rev Heng Sure and Imee Ooi would do a recording together!!! That would be awesome!

Su música me relaja. Es grandioso conocer música tan especial a través de internet.
Nos acerca, nos une y nos enseña de otra manera nos es más difícil por no decir nos imposibilita.


what about history of buddha

Would it be possible to incorporate some chanting from Tibetian or Pali Monk into your next launch. This is because it will definitely further enhance your music tremendously. Amitable Buddha...

Imee Ooi is an awesome talent!!

Her music is wonderful, rich and diverse, with a serene heart.

She's pretty too!

What a special, radiant and talented woman she is!!

Imee: I have the feeling you are being sent from Heaven to bring us the "heavenly music". I only have listened a couple of your music so far but hope will be able to listen to your buddhist chants (composed by you and your partner). Thank you a million. Stan Le (Maryland, USA)

I've always enjoyed Imee Ooi's music especially Metta Chant. Finally I can put a face to that name. May you always continue to make beautiful music for the Buddhist world!

I appreciate all imee ooi hard work's for bringing a good buddhism music around.
All beautiful, inspiring and bring serenity.

I hope in the future not only chanting music are available for us, but also a kind of music that describes the general teaching of the Buddha such as : the four noble truths, the eightfold noble path, the three characteristic of existences: anicca, anatta, dukkha, or about karma and rebirth explained in simple wordings, so that buddhists who know buddhism well can always be reminded of His teaching and buddhists who still don't understand buddhism well can be inspired. So that music somehow can be dharmadana too.

May all your hard works yield good results.

The only thing I don't like is when her music stops.

Thank you.

Your Music is soo peaceful. It makes the world more worth to live in it. I thank you so much

Thank you Imee Ooi I appreciate your contribution to Buddhism and Buddhist chanting and musical world.

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