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Thanks for all your efforts to be a true "psychotherapist" in the modern era. Yes, I do listen to your webcasts on Saturday as often as I can, so as the archived MP3 lectures as well.

Same here. Wish you a great new year coming up and blossoming even more and more.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too, and may the retreat bring you much needed rest, peace, and no writer's block :)

You will still be around for the Saturday lectures during Feb. thru April right? We don't want to miss that. Hope we are not too demanding but you are just too inspiring.

A retreat for a book is a great idea!

Some of my favorite lectures of yours are the ones you give to the Tzu Chi kids a few years ago. The simplicity of the message is memorable.

Hope you're having a good trip in India! :)

P.S. This quarter is ROUGH!

Wish you the best. Don't know you are heading for India, may the trip and the retreat bring you great spiritual harvest which is ripely due!

Thanks for all of the wonderful lectures on 2007! Good luck with the book.

Hello Dharma Master! HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! I know that you are heading off to your retreat soon so take care and hopefully you will get some inner and outer peace :)

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