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Yeh, actually back at home, the internet forums are abuzz about how it is too soon. But I personally think that Obama deserves that award - for just have the guts to dream the impossible - of a better America, of world peace, of a fairer, kinder and better world for all of us. He is hope personified.

I don't buy the Obama mirage for a second. He would rather appease the communist chinese for economic reasons than meet with the Dalai Lama after winning the Nobel Peace Prize. That's just cowardly. Obama puts up a pretty good front, and it won over the majority of my progressive friends at the beginning, and even a couple of the radical ones. Those people are jumping off the bandwagon more and more as time progresses.

Even the Dalai Lama in his wisdom understands why President Obama cannot meet with him at present. Unfortunately because the Chinese own so much of U.S. debt, we cannot poke our finger in their eye, however wrong they are about the Dalai Lama. We need their cooperation on any number of issues, and the President to his credit is proceeding with caution. Yes, awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize was premature, and I'm sure if it was up to him he would have preferred not receiving it. What I don't understand fully is why there is so much opposition, bordering on outright hatred in some cases, to our President in our own country. He will mature as a leader, and he is our best hope right now. Would things be better if John McCain were President with Sarah Palin waiting to take over?

I like Obama too.

guys, no need to be contentious on this issue...just be more mindful of the Buddha and hopefully that positive energy could reach out to people whom are fighting with each other and progressively lay down their weapons...Amitabha Buddha!

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