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How wonderful to see Buddhism "alive and well" in China! I guess we have Master Hsu Yun to thank for its survival during China's darkest hours of Maoism.

It is really wonderful to see such nice photos , auspicious signs with alot of positive energy. Every one seemed to be very happy to listen to Master Heng Sure's speech.

So curious to hear what you said. Was it recorded? If so, I can transcribe it!

yeah...i'm also wondering if any audio recordings had been made by DRBA members, ie. using an mp3 player?

thank you jk5177

Dear Dharma Master,

How do you build confidence while not getting arrogant?
How do you build Compassion but with optimism not pessimism?

How do you become an arahat?

There's a saying, not to look at things you are not suppose to look at, or hear things you are not suppose to hear. But when things just show up infront of you,and sounds around you. How do you deal with that?

I am trying to do research on Jianfu Kwan yin Temple in Tientjin or any other Buddhist temples in Tientjin. can you help? I have an interesting story about an artifact that was stolen over a hundred years ago.
thank you
blessings jane allemann

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