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Two hour lecture to the community, oh man, oh man, oh man. Wish I heard it.

Thank you, Rev. Heng Sure, for sharing with us so much of your trip to China. It's wonderful to see how deeply Buddhism still runs in China in spite of the obvious embrace of capitalism and materialism.

for those who can read Chinese, may we know what are the words printed on the souvenir?...

I also would like to know what is written there.

Please, translate.

The last four characters are easily made out, and with a bit of online searching, it appears that the title of the book is "感悟人生".
This would translate something like "realizing human life with feeling", but the term for "feeling" (感) has a number of meanings, and works together to make other words like "gratitude" (感恩), "emotion" (感情), "thanks" (感謝), and being "emotionally moved" (感動).
The other characters are all pretty straight forward.
I may just be wrong, too!

Rev Sure,
What an impact you have made in China's Buddhist world. Master Hua would be really proud of you!

ohhh...i've asked someone whom reads chinese...roughly the title can be translated as "Appreciating one's life"...ie. treat it with great care...

The title means "understanding life", a series of Master Xuecheng's speeches. Here is a link to that:

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