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It is certainly a very good resolution !! It is true that it is NOT easy to be a vegetarian even for a day for those who are used to consume meat. I am not a full vegetarian myself, but recently I tried to be full vegetarian for twice a month, i.e, the 1st & 15th day of Chinese moon calender, which are considered to be the traditional Chinese vegetarian day (not necessaily for Buddhists as it is also widely practised by the Taoists). But I can assure you that it is not easy even to be a one day full vegetarian, unless you make an effort, to be mindful and able to resist all the temptation, from friends, environment you live in etc. I always harbor the wish to be a full vegetarian one day, but when?? May be after I have retired from my work...

I wish everyone can be a vegetarian. I am not completely one now, but I tend towards one. And I do get horrified when I see people guzzling meat!

Humans are by nature short-sighted. Even without religious reasons, health reasons are enough to make one abstain from meat. But the combination of greed, sensory pleasure and ignorance is just too overwhelming! And the lack of healthy vegetarian food sold. It is easier to cook your own vegetables and stick to a fruit and vegetable diet than to rely on outside food.

I don't know if people find what I say too extreme. Maybe it is a affinity thing. I'm not sure but I know I feel best when I'm a vegetarian. It's like I've lived out my ideals of a good Buddhist life. :)) I am right with the Buddha again! :))

Eveline, you are not extreme at all !! You're right that it is not easy to get vegetarian foods outsides( depends on locations). Yea, you feel great even after you have succeded to be a "one day" vegetarian.

I read about this last week and really like it. I hope restaurants go along with it too. The less meat we eat, the less killing someone has do so that we have meat on our table.

I think it may be easier to become a vegetarian if you do it in a phased manner, rather than overnight - this was my experience. I've been a full vegetarian for the past 4 years (previously having a meat-filled diet). I first stopped eating red meat, then just allowed my empathy with the other animals to naturally lead me further along the path - cutting out white meat, then fish and other seafood, and finally shrimp. In all, the transition took about a year, but at no point did I feel like it was at all a struggle.

I do think that having an abundance of delicious vegetarian options is very helpful in making the switch; thankfully, this is the case here in the SF Bay Area! Check out http://www.bayareaveg.org or just type "vegetarian" on http://yelp.com (shortcut: http://bit.ly/9dvjFE). I'd be happy to make some recommendations for almost any cuisine :)

Agreed with you, it should be done by gradual process. Once you have acheived it, stick to it..

In my working life, I have met some friends who are Indian (not America Red Indian) of Gujarati race ( Mahatma Gandhi is a Gujarati). They are actually from vegetarian families by tradition, they are not allowed to consume even eggs according to their traditional custom. But due to the working environment where they are in at that time, where meat diet is the normal diet, so some of them tend to deviate from their tradition by eating some eggs or fish. Jokingly we called them "eggitarian" or "fishgitarian"; this tell us that it is not easy to be a pure vegetarian unless you have strong faith & principles.

I just came back from Australia and was horrified by how many people are overweight there. Is America the same? Actually I think modern medicine (western) is very painful with its chemotherapy, drips, tubes, and surgery. I kinda prefer the Chinese medicince style of medication. the point I want to make is that a heavily meat based diet is very unhealthy but I don't know why people don't see it that way. I eat mostly fruits and vegetables with minimal cooking (no spinach pies or anything fancy) and I feel good - I'm pretty healthy and I get a clean bill of health all the time. I think people need more awareness of the advantages of a fruit and vegetable (versus vegetarian) diet and they need to be more aware of healthy methods of preparation such that it is filling. You normally don't feel very full eating salad. But if you can combine all teh vegetables in a soup, or eat soyabean curd, eat fruits like papayas, you'll become healthier eventually and you'll save tons in medical costs not to mention pain. :))

Go to the under-developing countries and you could hardly find fat & over weight people. Simply because they tend to eat less and walk more, remember that their public tranport system is less efficient and lift & elevator are not common... so walk & walk...
after all walking is good form exercise.

Cooking oil consumption per person per year :-
Developed contries = about 10 to 12 liters.
Under developed countries= about 4-6 liters.

Bottom line= eat less, walk more, but VEGETARIAN diet is the BEST.

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