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I am very happy to learn that Buddhism is growing in Australia :)

Congratulations Rev. Heng Sure! Great news and glad to know more and more folks will be exposed to your spirit :) I wonder if you'll be staying primarily in Brisbane or another city? Also having a hard time finding the webcasts of your lectures, would love a pointer to them if you have a minute! Thanks!

Congratulations Rev. Heng Sure! Wish Canada had taken you when they had the chance...


Great news for Buddhists in Australia, particularly for those who follow mainly Ven. Master Hua's teachings. We are so happy about it. Thanks Rev. Heng Sure.

Dharma Master Sure, that is wonderful indeed! Hopefully the webcasted lectures will continue even from down under! (Of course another lesson in Anitya for me.) :D

@Birju - The webcasts the last few weeks have been streaming at a different location; you can try the following link next Saturday at 7:30 PST


That's great. I just came back from Perth and I couldn't find a temple anywhere. So cultivated in hotel room. So I would really like to see more Australians following Buddhism. And the Australians eat a lot of meat so maybe it'll be nice to teach them some healthy salad recipes so they can be healthier.

Rev. Sure
Hopefully you will still carry on the Saturday nite lecture whereever you go.

I believer there is a DRBA branch there too. what a coincidence.

Australia is the world's biggest exporter of coal so they are contributing to global warming like no one else, but they are also suffering from global warming with their terrible drought and the dying off of the Great Barrier Reef. Looks like they could use enlightenment on all levels. Good luck, Rev. Heng Sure. You've got your work cut out for you!

Rev. Heng Sure,

How fortunate for the Buddhists in Australia ! On the other hand, we are so looking forward to seeing you back in California!

That's just great!

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