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I am happy that Buddhism, particularly Theravada, is growing in Austrlia. I enjoy watching the Dhamma talk by Ajahn Brahm in youtube.. Wish everyone be happy and healthy. Amituofo.

I also think that we need someone who is qualified in Dharma to lecture on Mahayana Sutra, such as Avatamsaka Sutra. The teaching about Bodhisattva practice is extremely good and can be applied to our life.

Thanks a millions to Master Heng Sure, Master Heng Chi'h & others of trying to spread Master Xuyun( Empty Cloud)and Master Hsuan Hua's teaching to Land of Kangaroo!!

Thanks also to Mr. Brian White, his wife & daughter & others for the assistance rendered.

The Future Is Bright !!!

In my opinion, Australia is now in need of great help, because an Australian monk made a schism in the Buddha Sangha of Thailand.

But, most important of all is to save Buddhism in Australia.


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