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Can't it really be true? Has he given up burgers and fries for good? Bill Clinton--a brilliant man and phenomenal politician (but not without his faults)! Who knows? One day we may hear that he's embraced Buddhism. At any rate, he seems to be on the brink of becoming spiritual. Good for him!

What if a low-carb diet with lots of good meat and oils were more curative and he tried it. Would you post his success? Would John, the commentor, still consider him "spiritual"?

I'm sure that DM Sure will post stuff good for mankind! But from Buddhist principles we know that eating meat deprives an innocent animal of its life - everyone's most basic fundamental right, even above that of food and water. I'm not a complete vegetarian and I dare not pretend to be holier than thou. I feel healthier eating vegetables and I do love them! It is an extension of loving kindness to all - that all may receive the same joy and peace that you yourself wish to experience. I've never tried a good meat and oils diet, but eating is a holistic experience for me. I don't want the animals to die just to pleasure my taste buds and to nourish my body! It isn't just about the taste or the nutrition. But I do drink milk for my protein and calcium. :))

i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

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