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I believe that as long as there are good humans holding on pure precepts in this planet,even they are in handful,apocalypse is unlikely.

I like the second chance part. I was reading about how cutting down on burgers can save the earth! I have gone total veg again! I am so happy! Now I can really look upon the beautiful ocean (I love nature) with equanimity cos I know I am truly its' friend. :)

I have been through a bad time recently (so sorry Heng Sure Shr have disappeared from your blog) but the experience has taught me that just being alive is wonderful. As long as we are alive, we have the chance to make a positive change and contribution. :))

Dear Reverend,

My friend came across this and shared it with me. Thought I'd share this too. Do have a look at the site, very interesting. It is about a NASA space mission and scroll down till around line 50 onwards.


A very pleasant surprise! :)

Namo Amituofo,
Disciple Qin Hui

I live in Berkeley. Sorry I missed this.

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